Dear you have the choice to either take advantage of the offer of the store on this website www., or contact me using fb and there to choose the product of interest to you.


Dear, these are things sewn to size, therefore fall under the option "to individual order" and according to the law such things are not refundable, as we have written in the regulations (Store Rules) BUT as returns happen to us mega rarely, we approach each individually and react, despite the provisions in the regulations as follows.
The first reason for the return is the poorly downloaded dimension- it is necessary to match it to each of you … there are also, of course, our mishaps. Then we do a short consultation with Olga so that I can catch the error and get a label to send us the stuff and we correct it within the purchase price.
Sometimes it happens that the client "does not feel" here a little worse … because we really sew oversize … and if someone walks in tubes and tight tops then … sometimes it's hard to switch. Then the consultations help during which we make live trimmings and Olga shows how to properly wear our ears and what is the difference in old and new stylings … because black and tight
does not slim :)!

Of course, loved in your closet and in our studio. For the meeting in the studio, you need to make an appointment at the phone number. 734 456 447 ( Dorota Sweeper will set a deadline )


If we do not need to change the blank very much, we fulfill orders from 7 to 28 working days after depositing money into the account. Of course, we do everything to work out as soon as possible!


In idelanych loved! We always ask for a dimension and … everything idelanie lies!



In every way nature has invented… well, a good man also sometimes stirred 🙂


You are my business card, there is no other option. In the store you can choose the cut for your figure and if we have both doubts we consult the case in person with the help of pics, etc.


There are two solutions you love, you can invite me to join me… even in Sri Lanka, you only have to cover my travel and on-site expenses in addition to the cost of 🙂 Of course, we set it individually.

Alboooo uses the benefits of a technique such as SKYPE, ZOOM or any other streaming program. BUY A CONSULTATION HERE


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